Lasik Website Makes Headlines in Atlanta, GA

According to most people who have undergone laser eye surgery, the process is easy and the latest technological advances in the industry make the actual time “under the knife” extremely brief. However, one common problem that people mention is that they didn’t really know what was involved in the process until they went in and actually spoke with the surgeon who would be performing the operation. A new website has launched recently which makes the whole process of deciding which LASIK surgeon to choose a breeze. Many patients state that if there was indeed such a website, it would have saved them a lot of time and headache.

LASIK Atlanta is Making Eye Surgery Easier than Ever

The owner of, Tom Spradlin, stated in a recent interview that before he had corrective surgery done on his eyes, he went through the same problems as many others. He didn’t know where to go or who to ask. “I didn’t know anyone who had LASIK done in Atlanta and I never trust the review sites.” He goes on to say that “many people in Atlanta are in the same boat, as it turns out.” For this reason, he started the organization LASIK Atlanta. Although the website is currently still under construction, Mr. Spradlin’s staff states that once completed, it will be a complete walk-through on everything you need to know about LASIK surgery in Atlanta. You can view the site in it’s current state with the aforementioned link, but just be aware that it isn’t near completion. You can find general information on the type of laser vision correction that is best for your situation and even figure out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. However, you won’t yet find out who they’ve rated as the top laser eye surgeons in the Atlanta area…yet.

LASIK Atlanta

What LASIK Atlanta Hopes to Accomplish in 2017

With all of the recent innovations in the medical industry, no one can be sure what will happen for sure with LASIK, prk, glaucoma surgery, or other procedures. However, the staff at LASIK Atlanta hopes that many people will visit their website, if they’re in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and see all of the in-depth research that the team has done in regards to this procedure. Many people who undergo corrective vision surgery don’t do it for necessity. They do it out of convenience. Both Mr. Spradlin and the staff of the newly formed organization feel that the website will fit these people’s needs perfectly. It will be convenient and user friendly so that the average consumer who is doing their research can simply visit one website and get most, if not all, of the information that is relevant to their future purchasing decision.

For more information on the company, visit their temporary LASIK resource site or on twitter @LASIK_Atlanta.

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