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Lasik Website Makes Headlines in Atlanta, GA

According to most people who have undergone laser eye surgery, the process is easy and the latest technological advances in the industry make the actual time “under the knife” extremely brief. However, one common problem that people mention is that they didn’t really know what was involved in the process until they went in and actually spoke with the surgeon who would be performing the operation. A new website has launched recently which makes the whole process of deciding which LASIK surgeon to choose a breeze. Many patients state that if there was indeed such a website, it would have saved them a lot of time and headache.

LASIK Atlanta is Making Eye Surgery Easier than Ever

The owner of, Tom Spradlin, stated in a recent interview that before he had corrective surgery done on his eyes, he went through the same problems as many others. He didn’t know where to go or who to ask. “I didn’t know anyone who had LASIK done in Atlanta and I never trust the review sites.” He goes on to say that “many people in Atlanta are in the same boat, as it turns out.” For this reason, he started the organization LASIK Atlanta. Although the website is currently still under construction, Mr. Spradlin’s staff states that once completed, it will be a complete walk-through on everything you need to know about LASIK surgery in Atlanta. You can view the site in it’s current state with the aforementioned link, but just be aware that it isn’t near completion. You can find general information on the type of laser vision correction that is best for your situation and even figure out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. However, you won’t yet find out who they’ve rated as the top laser eye surgeons in the Atlanta area…yet.

LASIK Atlanta

What LASIK Atlanta Hopes to Accomplish in 2017

With all of the recent innovations in the medical industry, no one can be sure what will happen for sure with LASIK, prk, glaucoma surgery, or other procedures. However, the staff at LASIK Atlanta hopes that many people will visit their website, if they’re in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and see all of the in-depth research that the team has done in regards to this procedure. Many people who undergo corrective vision surgery don’t do it for necessity. They do it out of convenience. Both Mr. Spradlin and the staff of the newly formed organization feel that the website will fit these people’s needs perfectly. It will be convenient and user friendly so that the average consumer who is doing their research can simply visit one website and get most, if not all, of the information that is relevant to their future purchasing decision.

For more information on the company, visit their temporary LASIK resource site or on twitter @LASIK_Atlanta.

How Compression Stockings Work For Varicose Veins

If you’re like most people who suffer from varicose veins, you’ve probably been told that a great course of action is to wear compression stockings to help increase circulation in your legs. Many people wonder how exactly the process of compressing the skin around the spider veins can get rid of them and what mechanism is responsible for alleviating pain associated with this blood vessel disorder. Research has shown that these types of socks can indeed help with pain, but getting rid of the appearance of these unsightly blood vessels is another story entirely.

How Compression Stockings Work

Compression stockings work by gently squeezing the skin around the leg to force blood back up towards the heart. As blood travels down the leg, it meets heavier and heavier resistance towards the foot. This is where the compression socks apply the most pressure. Since blood has little room to collect, it is forced to move back up the leg towards the heart, assisting with the body’s natural circulatory functions. The function of these stockings is great for athletes, diabetics, overweight people, and those with spider veins. The increased circulation helps with pain, swelling, and in some cases, clot prevention. This is why the medical community recommends support stockings for varicose veins and other circulatory problems.

Compression Socks Are Not a Cure For Varicose Veins

Although compression stockings are great at treating the swelling and irritation of varicose veins while the user has them on, symptoms come back when they are not being worn. They don’t reduce the appearance of blood vessels underneath the skin and they don’t repair the damaged valves within the veins making them varicose.

Research has shown that wearing compression stockings for varicose veins in conjunction with a holistic and all-encompassing natural treatment is the safest and most effective option for individuals suffering from this disorder.

There is no known cure for varicose veins and if you read any sales information or marketing language that says it’s the new “miracle cure,” think again. Products and medical devices can help with the symptoms, but there is no cure. People who wish to get rid of the appearance of these damaged blood vessels should consider surgical options. For some this is a great option, but for those who don’t want to go under the knife, there are several other natural remedies for treating this condition.

Just do your research and visit the authority on the subject, the Safety & Health Council on Varicose Veins in New Hampshire.

How SEO Helps Your Medical Practice

If you’ve been in business for more than ten minutes, I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO. I’m also pretty sure that you don’t know how it can help your practice. Think about it this way. Have you ever wondered why there are so many medical practices either in Wal Mart or right next to it? It’s because of the traffic. Granted, medical practitioners are paying much more for their lease to be close to these mega shopping centers, but the return on investment pays for itself over and over again. In fact, these medical clinics don’t even have to really pay a whole lot for marketing because they have so many passers-by on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough retail spaces for lease to be able to capitalize on this idea. This is where a search engine optimization company comes in.

Hiring an SEO Company for Your Medical Practice

There are a few things to consider when weighing your options. First off, before you even begin an SEO campaign, you need to figure out how well you want your website to be built out. In other words, do you want a simple four or five page website that tells your viewers about your practice? Do you want a customer login feature where people can pay their bills online? Figure all of this out beforehand and only then consult a search engine optimization company. You’ll find that by figuring all of this out in advance, you’re going to end up saving a little bit of money in the long run. You won’t have as many meetings with and SEO consultant just to advise you on your options when it comes to web development.

Another thing to consider is what terms to you want to rank for in the search engines? It wouldn’t make any sense for you to want to rank for “24 hour surgeon in Atlanta” if you don’t do surgery and/or you aren’t open 24 hours a day. Really try to narrow down the keyword research before the SEO company starts any backlinking campaign. Also, put some thought to it after they give you a list of their own keyword ideas.

Lastly, be wary of any price points that are too good to be true. You aren’t going to get a full on social media marketing campaign plus rank in Google for highly competitive search terms for $500 a month. It’s going to cost you a lot more than that. However, just like in the example in the first paragraph of this article, it will definitely yield a high return on investment. You just have to be sure to hire the RIGHT SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization Will Get Eyes on Your Medical Practice

The more people that are viewing your website, the more people will have a chance to pick your practice over your competitors. If you aren’t on page one of the search engines, then no one is looking at your website. People are searching for the services that you offer right this very minute. If you can’t be found, the business will go to your competitors. It’s time to embrace the power of SEO.

Medical Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries are on the rise in Britain, and not simply to reverse the aging effects and restore beauty. The following article describes the several procedures that are performed by cosmetic experts for reasons apart from improving your appearance.

Breast Enlargement

rhinoplasty londonBreast Enlargement is by far the most general of all the plastic treatments. Due to the increasing rates of breast cancer, there has been a rise in the sale of breast transplants too. Reestablishing a breast cancer patient’s body shape with the use of transplants is broadly accepted and used.

On the other hand, breast diminutions can be conducted on women so as to prevent and treat back illnesses that result from the weight of their breasts. Breast-lifts are regularly conducted on patients who’ve experienced substantial loss of weight and are suffering from a loss of elasticity inside their breasts. Such patients are often required to undergo several cosmetic treatments due to the excessive amount of skin, deteriorated muscle tone and similar problems.

Facial Plastic Treatments

Re-constructive cosmetic surgery is regularly being conducted on both women as well as men of different ages. Nose jobs or rhinoplasty are very common for correcting sleep apnea and similar breathing issues produced due to nasal defects and obstructions.

Cosmetic surgeons regularly conduct removal of skin cancer present on the face of the patient in order to reduce the damage and restore their skin surface.

Palate repair and cleft lip are general procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons. Such deformities damage the patient’s capability to communicate and eat, producing a medical requirement for the renovation.

Other Re-constructive Treatments

health and plastic surgeryRe-establishment of patients under trauma is a huge field of practice for cosmetic experts. Transformation of the bone structure and fixing the skin surface are all medical requirements for such patients. Victims with major burns are also treated by re-constructive cosmetic surgeons.

The likelihood of insurance paying for the cosmetic surgeries for medical requirements is fairly high, depending upon the present policy of a patient. When the treatments are no longer optional, however used to cure, correct or treat a medical issue instead, it places such procedures in a different class amongst most insurance companies.

Many times, physicians are able to work along with the insurance firms to explain the requirement of the treatment, this results in the insurance firms paying for all or some part of the fees. For more info on when a cosmetic surgery becomes physically essential, contact the plastic surgeon in your locality.